Values In The Universe: Functionality

In the universe things go together or they don't. Getting those things to work together or apart is called functionality. Functionality means dynamic that fits the current situation.

Q: What is Dynamic?
A: A Dynamic is that which is in motion. It is that which takes the elements that are currently available and creates either an object, a combined pathway, or a set of possibilities. Dynamics are about options.

Q: What makes a Dynamic Functional?
A: It works now. The limited possibilities or the unending possibilities are combined for positive result. This is functionality.

Q: What would I value in Functionality?
A: 1) I control my body and it in turn communicates my accurate results;
2) My family gave me my birthright and heredity, and I in turn give my family wisdom and heritage my way;
3) Society provides me with an environment to live in, shop in, and events to go to.

Q: What are Prime examples of Functionality in the Universe?
A: 1) We are - therefore many things dead or alive agreed to Be;
2) The planet holds us and the sun provides daylight, which gives us the capability to build civilization;
3) I am alive, therefore I have a purpose and a Life to live.


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