Values In The Universe: Commitment

What are Commitments?
Commitments are a promise of effort, and an investment of time to people or projects. They set aside the repetitive conflict of Do you care?, as well as the anxiety of Will this happen at this rate?, and bind it to a promise and investment that it will happen. The greatness of commitment is the results worked for.

What are the Results of Commitment?
Commitment means comfort because you made a choice, and you have a plan for accomplishment. Commitment then sponsors momentum for positive focus, and adrenaline to get it right - or there will be no result. Commitments are great because distractions have to be set aside. Commitments also sponsor great Process set-downs, and happiness to have just that to do with the time to do it. Commitments have to be met or they lose any and all value. So do the work and meet your planned deadlines. Commitments with accomplished great results are sought after in all areas of life.

What Commitments are to be Admired?
1) Regular visits, talks and check-ins with family and friends are valued and maintain morale, love and memories.
2) Project and work commitments are required and take up 1/3 of all commitments, hence 8-hour work days.
3) Having children requires agreements from both parents and children to grow, delegate resources, and discuss the details.
4) Marriage is one of the most popular commitments a couple in love can make. They agree to love and protect each other in sickness and health.

What Commitments are Not Acceptable?
1) Some people make commitments to evil or the devil, which set wrong their God, obedience, creation and connection to all things. These people need to be rejected and their power taken away.
2) Some people lose their way and structure, and pursue a life of insanity to their own and society's detriment. These people need to get back to the one reality we all share.
3) Some people choose wrong loves for the adventure it affords them, and the lack of commitment that it allows. They need for natural nature to interfere to right the problem.
4) Some people follow their weaker nature by habit, and make a life from pursuing wrong choices. They need to live with weak people like themselves, and learn that constructive is the only direction to go.

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