Alliterature Shorts (2): The Masses

Definition of Alliteration: Repetition of consonant sounds in two or more neighbouring words or syllables. [Ref: (Concise Encyclopedia)]

The Masses are the Multitude,
Whether they wait in line
Or as many in a Group.

They coordinate to be In Sync,
For sporting events (Bounce, Bounce, Jumpshot)
Or to dance (Twirl).
They coordinate to participate In Mass,
To Vote ([Yes] or [No])
To attend School (Wait, Study, Achieve)
To attend Concerts (Bravo!)
They coordinate To Disperse,
To find Love (Honey, Babie, Sweetie),
To go Home (Sit),
To Survive (Alert).

Mass - the many, the volume of a thing, or a Catholic church service.
... the Mean, the Average, the Above Average.

Mass-Consciousness - the many, partially awake.
... Populace, Popular, Pop Events, Participate.

Massechussetts - the patriotic state.
... Heritage, History, Heresy, His and Her story.

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