Logic and Organization: Self

The Full Self Vote
In order to know what you think, feel, want and mean - you have to check all parts of you. If you don't check all parts, some of you will be ignored and could secede for more fulfilling situations. So, check all parts to gain the full self vote. Then you can decide the rules by which you operate: majority rules, eldest rules, wholistic, first initiative, second, third.

In order to get the full self vote you want to check every inch of you inside (avoiding land mines), to find out what it represents, where it is from, and how it deciphers and interprets what is going on. Then register or journal your answer(s).

The full self vote should include a check on the outside as well: from the back where you are from; from the sides of personal power and depth; from the front to get clear on where you are going, and to check what others think. The outside vote is generally second to the inside vote, but not useful if you aren't clear on the vote inside yourself.

A helpful addition to the full self vote is a transcendent or frequencied vote of ideal God light, or ideal white light set for some kind. For example: caretaking white light equates to healing, and Divine wisdom white light equates to sage. God light can equate to a personified personal or family authority. So be careful, it is better to tap into objective ideal white light for a purpose. Check any personal God guides for known identity, references and positive intent. Do not mix sacred work with friendship or relationship. It won't equate right, you'll be confused, and you may lose breadth on it.

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