Advice for Kids of All Ages (7): REMEMBER

Always remember where you have been and where you are going.  Keep your experiences emblazoned in you as a compass for living.

1. Remember what you have done, and what you would like to do
2. Remember how you got here, you may need to do it again
3. Remember your successes and mistakes, or someone else will
4. Remember to file your experiences to stay clear and alert
5. Remember who and what you love; set aside what you hate; remember who and what you love
6. Remember to hold yourself up, and almost no one can set you down
7. Remember when to go back to find others, and when to never go back
8. Remember those with reverence that steered and guided you to be great.  They are great.
9. Remember to not lose who you are, to not lose faith, to set up your courage, strength and perseverance.  You will need them.
10. Remember the first reality was all possibility, the second reality was that everything could be misused.  Carry on the first reality, despite the second.

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