Advice for Kids of All Ages (1): TELL

There are so many situations where the present we live in could have been positively changed by telling on, or about, something in the past.  Perhaps a parent cheated.  Perhaps we didn't understand we could have gotten help.  Perhaps the answer to our future career was a town away.

There is a stigma to TELLING that generally sounds like: 'You are less of a person, and you don't belong here if you tell...'  'You will be cast out and thought to be nothing forever, if you tell...'  It is wrong!  The people who told on their situation in sincerity changed their lives, and were never made to feel less than or weak.  Sex abuse cases stop the abuse by making it untenable to revisit the situation.  Kids put their families on a healthier standing by asking questions and telling about their experiences.  Consequently, everyone stays in contact and visits to find out the next chapter.  Co-workers and managers resolve extreme tension by sharing that their home lives are in dissarray, and that they need some extra emotional space to cope.  Then everyone walks away notified, knowing they are not at fault for general moodiness.

+ Tell what happened.  Others need to know.  You need to tell, so that you can leave it behind and go to the next experience.
+ Tell yourself the truth.  How are you feeling?  What did you just mean by your actions?  Were you successful or not?
+ Tell your parents about the difficult things, and deal with the result.
+ Tell your friends what you like about them, and what divides you.
+ Tell your manager that you are happy to work there.
+ Tell the future what you would like to get to, and keep it to work on.
+ Tell the past you will miss it.


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