Puzzled (13): Target and Focus

Puzzled (13): Target and Focus
Puzzled (13): Target and Focus

This series of puzzles are about the associative properties of life and how we represent them.

The target represents practicing to harm or hit the mark, just in case it is socially acceptable.  There are reasons for it: getting to be a cop, a world leader, a military general, an olympian, or a business leader.  It is only recommended for mature people.  Hitting your target is based on concentration, dexterity and careful consideration.

Target Questions:  Are you socially acceptable in all the ways you hit the mark?  What targets would win you social acceptance?

The focus is the retina of the eye, which sends an image of reality to the mind.  Another focus is the eye of a hurricane, which determines the violent impact of a storm, and the quiet thereafter.  The focus tells where you are, and where you aren't.

Focus Questions:  Where is your focus?  Where does it need to be?


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