How Many People Does It Take to Have Privacy? (4 of 4)

1) Alienation in an unfriendly, but controlled social environment
2) Invasive messaging in advertising and products
3) Co-think where you generally think
4) Stressed with no time, or place, to relax

4) So how many people does it take to have privacy when you are stressed with no time or place to relax?
The answer is just yourself.

Many of us have reached near-panic situations, where nothing is going right.  It would seem that following the chaos of near-destruction will: a) get help; b) defer the problem,  or c) distract everyone's attention.  NO!  You are your own problem!  What you are dealing with is likely 3/4 created by you and 3/4 solvable by you.  Don't run.  Be the you, you are looking for.  If you want someone to pay attention and say when, pay attention and set limits for yourself.  Be your own friend.  If you want to defer the problem,  put it on a shelf and go party.  The problem will be there when you get back, and you won't feel deprived to deal with it.  Escape, and get back.  If you want to distract everyone's  attention to yourself, go to a bar where you can be rowdy and make a friend or two.  Sports bars or comedy bars are fun.

Generally, you need to RELAX.  Listen to what you are telling you. ' I can't find any time or place to relax.'  Do it anyway!  Nothing else is important until you do.  Go sit some place quiet.  Get tea, and the food you need to settle.  Breathe long breaths, one after another, instead of short sporadic ones.  Set your posture straight. Sit up; put both legs on the floor; gently throw your head and shoulders back; straighten up.  Ask you what is really bothering you.  Journal on it.  What can be done to solve the situation?  Make a schedule to do what solves it.  Relax.  Follow the schedule.

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