How Many People Does It Take to Have Privacy? (3 of 4)

1) Alienation in an unfriendly, but controlled social environment
2) Invasive messaging in advertising and products
3) Co-think where you generally think
4) Stressed with no time, or place, to relax

3) So how many people does it take to have privacy when others co-think where you think?
The answer is yourself, and a lot of negotiation on your part.

Growing-up, your family may have kept a conversation on the thought side, and a separate verbal conversation outer.  This is very common, and can help you get a job if the conversations fit in with ethnic expectations.  If your ethnicity and family leave you to have space for yourself, there is no problem.  Some families don't leave room for the individual to grow, to be independent, or to sleep.  This can cause acting out and rebellion on the individual's part.  This rebellion is necessary and natural.  Rebel if you are stuck in a limiting environment that doesn't let you grow.

Many jobs have networks where you can check with others about major decisions.  The boss can also check to see if you represent the company's interests accurately.  Those networks are annoying, but generally very constructive.  'Go away' boundaries are set all the time to focus on work, to leave for lunch or home, and just to set personal space.  When the boundaries get invaded, everyone is angry.  The boss decided to follow you home for dinner.  You made him laugh, and now he thinks you are cute.   The likely solution is no business networking and no contact, if you can manage it.  Most of the time, everyone is friends, and gets wise to the boundaries needed.

Many times you connect with society to get answers: what to shop for, coffeehouse ambience, or how to get directions.  This is both convenient and burdensome.  Make sure you don't lose the capacity to keep your own space, with all of the insecurity and empowerment that go with it.  Marketers love marketing.  They don't make sure you are healthy.  Remember to connect with the people you know by phone or directly, so that you remember how to socialize.  Make new friends when possible.  When spending time alone, don't filch on the time.  Keep your disciplines.


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