How Many People Does It Take to Have Privacy? (2 of 4 part series)

1) Alienation in an unfriendly, but controlled social environment
2) Invasive messaging in advertising and products
3) Co-think where you generally think
4) Stressed with no time, or place, to relax

2) So how many people does it take to have privacy from messaging in advertising and products?
The answer is yourself and cooperation from savvy marketers.

Much of online and public advertising reaches out to grab you in very physical and negative ways.  Gone are the days when an ad was flat, and you could notice it safely or ignore it.   That was your choice.  Today you can't evey read the ads, or you will get zinged back in the body.

My first question is:  Do the advertisers want to sell, and would they treat their potential consumers better?

My second question is:  In this day of a depressed economy and low social morale, why subject the public to more mental and physical harrassment?

Most people need to re-establish confidence in themselves and their opportunities.  Please be considerate.  Help a person get a job and means to purchase by not invading their mental and physical space.  Courtesy is appreciated and remembered.

Religious New Thought needs to hit marketing.  If we plan for a prosperous economy, we will have one.   Marketing needs to leave a space for the properity to grow.  We all need to send the idea of prosperity to a power greater and pursue the busines that would meet it.  Then we all need to let prosperity tell us what it is through the people who have and find it.  Just a thought.  (Based on Stretton Smith's 4T Prosperity Program of the Unity Church)

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