Puzzled (1): Quandaries & Enigmas

Puzzled (1): Quandaries & Enigmas

Print and find all the words that are related to Quandary and Enigma.

A Quandary is a state where you are uncertain of the option you are going to choose; also known as a dilemma.
Source: wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_quandary

An Enigma is something that cannot be easily deciphered. This may include a riddle, puzzle or scientific theory. An enigma may also be a thought, idea or suggestion that is not easily explainable or understood.
Source: directhit.com/shopping-answers/what_is_a_enigma

1) How do you make sense of Quandaries and Enigmas?

2) How do you get outside of Quandaries and Enigmas to find the objective reality?

3) When are Enigmas and Quandaries ideal? When are they far from ideal?


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  • I thought I'd find Russia. Churchill called it "a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma."

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