Reads(1): Inside/Outside

Reads(1): Inside/Outside

Reads are our way of stat-ing or finding our GPS in the universe.  They give us parameters.  And from Reads we can make our decisions based on the Truth or the closest approximation of truth.  Without Reads, we find ourselves floundering to know how to say hi.  The really mundane things seem challenging because I lost my translation of the details.

We need to be aware of what is going on Inside from all directions to navigate on our own behalf.  What I NEED is a combination of knowing: if I am hydrated, if I have had enough exercise to be alert, if I can focus on the relevant task, and a billion other factors from the past, present and future.  Your body is like a car - you need to check all the parts to see if they need maintenance.  Put your awareness to each part to see how it thinks and feels.  All parts contribute to the conglomerate that is the Greater You.  The Greater You contributes to varying degrees to the health of the parts.  The Inner You provides the Greater You with cause and effect data: 'I like this, 'I don't like this.'  The Greater You provides the Inner You with outer priorities and opportunities to succeed, meet people, and find recreation.  Check your Inner and Outer exchange and find out what is most functional for both aspects of you.

Conversely, if we spend too much time inside, we loose track of outer reality.  We need to carefully put a portion of our awareness outside of ourselves, while still holding up the rest of us, and see what is going on.  Instantly, we know the relevance of inner thoughts to public priorities.  This is the Read we use to be socially acceptable, to find work, to know how to communicate, and to know what kind of gift to get someone.  The outer Read can also tell us how to fine tune our talents to appeal to others.  Used at its highest level, an Outer or Inner Read to the Truth will tell us if we are right or wrong and the nuances of that.  Inner and Outer Reads help us with our dynamic, and maintaining continuity of self and purpose.

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