My Mind - Your Mind

My Mind - Your Mind

No mind exists alone, since there has been more than one mind. All have to learn order, stature, negotiation, and compromise. What is BEST is both an individual and a social mathematical equation. If you land an opportunity, and that guy moves on, and that party connects the friends of friends, who would pursue a business venture… That would add up to many constructive positives. If we don’t believe in, or look for, the integrative solutions that help everyone, we will lose.

Why? My power to get and maintain what I want and need is not enough to sustain it. I live in a society of others. I must get agreement by at least the people I live with to maintain the live situation. I must get agreement by society, or live by its rules, to live peaceably in society.

How? I need to get outside of myself and ask what do the other people involved need out of this? I want that opportunity. The boss needs someone who thinks on their feet, and has a sense of humor. The co-workers need relief from being inundated with work. I could be that talented, and have friends to socialize with. Look for the win-win, and all will win.


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