Pulp Dreamer by Rachel Hamill

Pulp Dreamer by Rachel Hamill

One day a little grapefruit pulp was feeling primed up and juiced, and thought: "I bet I could be and run the whole grapefruit... I just need to grow heavy and cover me from the sun... I think I'll be blue and green, instead of yellow to show my versatility.  Maybe I could even soften up the skin... who needs that much bulk?  I'll be like me but heavier.  I think I could run the tree... pick up the water and feed it to the roots.   It will revere me as its provider.  I might even feed it my tart water.   I doesn't need fresh water.   I will tell it what it can grow on."

The grapefruit and the tree, who weren't paying attention, were not concerned because only a grapefruit can be a grapefruit and tree be a tree.  Pulp can aspire but it has a lot to learn to be either a grapefruit or a tree.  But in this story, and in life, they were wrong because the pulp did grow a grapefruit with no skin, and it did starve the tree by feeding it its own tart liquid.

We are still trying to figure out the moral of the story.  The grapefruit tree is still trying to recoup its losses.  Life is still trying to teach all those from, that its resources need to be valued and not cannibalized.  Life needs to be protected from those who wear it best.  Perhaps you can and know how.

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