this semester, i live in a palace

this semester, i live in a palace


After a refreshing five weeks of winter break in Hinsdale, I'm in Champaign once more. It's a new semester, which means new classes, a new job, and a new dorm room. 

That's right, I'm officially living in the lap of luxury: Newman Hall!

This was never my original plan, but when my roomie decided halfway through the semester that she wanted to move into her sorority house, I started thinking about leaving Van Doren, too. One, it was far away from all my classes. Two, our tiny room constantly reeked of some unknown stench, perhaps due to the lack of ventilation. Three, we had cockroaches, and there were even traps beneath my bed. Four, fruitflies. Five, there was no way I was going to live in that yucky room all by myself. If Katherine was moving, then so was I.

So I did. My new place is a four-bedroom suite, shared with two other freshmen girls. (We have a guest room. NBD.) It's beautiful. Truly beautiful. I almost shed a tear when I saw it for the first time. Not only is this room bug-free, but it's also spacious. Van Doren is known for having the tiniest dorm rooms in the Six Pack. But here, we have huge rooms, a sitting area, two sinks and a shower/bathroom. We're living large.

And the most exciting part about Newman? My best friends live just two floors below. If that's not a reason to be happy, then I don't know what is.

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