the day i became a XΩ

the day i became a XΩ


I've been dreaming about being a Chi O for days, weeks, months... No, seriously, I'm not kidding. So today when I opened my bid card and read the words "Chi Omega," I just about pooped my pants. From there, it was nonstop hugging, laughing and smiling with my new sorority sisters.

Surreal. It was honestly surreal. The night went something like this:

All of us U of I sorority hopefuls opened our bid cards at the exact same time as we stood on the quad. And then... chaos. It rained all day today, so there was mud everywhere. But we didn't care. I sprinted over to the huge group of Chi O's and SCREAMED my butt off when I realized that one of my (new) best friends was there, too. The euphoria continued as we ran to the beautiful house on Wright Street. It was quite the journey - I high-jumped over bike racks like a pro. Outside the house, it was a sea of girls in black t-shirts, waiting to greet us. I hugged everybody I saw. The 15's (that's our pledge class) all changed into cute blue t-shirts and gathered outside the house for some professional picture taking. That's right, I said professional. I even ordered some prints for myself! #winning

I was starving by that point, so when I heard that we were having breakfast for dinner, I was in heaven. The food was damn good; I ate my weight in hash browns, but WHATEVER. Today I am a Chi O and today I will eat whatever the heck I want.

After dinner, we went "shopping," which basically consisted of us going to different rooms in the house to meet girls and get little gifts. I got sunglasses, a bag, a water bottle, candy... It was like trick-or-treating. But better.

This post is getting long and so I'm just gonna sum things up right here: I am so thankful to be in Chi Omega. The girls are amazingly genuine (not to mention freaking HILARIOUS) and I love them already.

I'm overjoyed. Literally. As displayed by that picture of me up there. Embarrassing? Maybe. I just love reppin' Chi O ;)

<3 XΩ


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  • Congrats girl. I was a fellow Chi O. Better make the owl your new favorite animal!

  • i am in chi-omega agreement. rho kappa chapter ISU 1988. HAVE A BLAST - hOOt HooT!

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