cooking with college kids

cooking with college kids

Something big happened yesterday: I had to make my own dinner. I was alone in the dorm room with nothing but an empty stomach and a package of Simply Asia noodle soup. So I rolled up my sleeves and attempted to prepare the microwave noodles.

It's not like I've never made my own food before. At home, there were plenty of nights when my mom would say, "Okay, kids, make your own dinner tonight!" But last night was monumental; I had one shot to either burn the soup or cook it fabulously. It was all I had to eat. I could make the stuff. Or I could starve.

I must say, the noodle soup definitely turned out to be pretty fabulous. Overflowing with pride, I stuck my Beauty and the Beast spoon into the plastic bowl and enjoyed my homemade dinner.

See, Mom? I'm all grown up!

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