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It's Not You, It's my OCD

It's Not You, It's my OCD
  Dear Past/Present/Future Crushes, You’re probably feeling pretty smug. You probably think your lean physique and charming smile is what got me hooked. Or how you volunteer at The Ronald McDonald House every week. Or how you’re funny, but not cocky enough to try stand-up. You’re not wrong, but you’re also not right. Sure, the... Read more »

How to Date When You're Loved and Respected

A few months ago I was at a comedy open mic at a bar and five guys told me they loved and/or respected me. Not one of them asked me out. That’s fine, I guess. I’m respected. A lot of my female friends have the opposite problem; guys just want to hook up with them,... Read more »

Anton Yelchin, You Were My Surrogate

I was really sad when Anton Yelchin died. He had been the answer to, “Who’s your favorite actor?” for a few years, as well as the background on my computer, so you could say it hurt more for me than most. But I’ve started to wonder why he was my favorite actor. In all honesty,... Read more »