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Geraldo Rivera: Kiddo, you were right

Ernest T. Bass, the town Hillbilly on the “Andy Griffith Show,” shared a tidbit about possums  in Miss Krump’s fifth grade classroom during an episode when he tried to get an  grade school diploma.  But as fate would have it, he was also talking about life and many liberals as well. “I’ll set you straight... Read more »

Sage Advice for Job Seekers

Dear Readers: Don’t let this happen to you.  Never, and I mean ever, apply for a job at dawn with a cold and little sleep because you might mess up and not get the job. Here is but one example, if you will. Dear Serge: It is essential that you hire me to write for... Read more »

How I Flunked Self-Defense, a true story

I started taking Israeli self-defense, or Krav Maga, after being stalked by a crazed lesbian.  It is a long but true story. Not that I, in the spirit of political correctness, have anything against lesbians or crazy people.  It’s just that I don’t like that kind of attention, be it from anyone, a man, woman... Read more »

Dear Kind and Loving Chicago Landlords

Dear Kind and Loving Landlord: I am a former Chicago expat, who went somewhere over the rainbow to the never-never land of Los Angeles, but who’s now returned, and I have a humble request.  Being a living, breathing organism, I need a place to live.  Scratch that.  My dogs, Mookie Moo and Bitsy Boo, and I... Read more »

Don't Drive Through Colorado

Now that I’ve had time to recover and regroup from my cross-country drive, it’s time for a rating of each state on AAA’s Northern Route scenic tour. The dogs and I started off in the west with the intentions of going east in a whirlwind of let’s see this country bravado.  (In truth, I had... Read more »