George Zimmerman: Current Poster Boy for Racism

If I hear one more word about George Zimmerman, the current poster boy for racism, I am going to cancel any future donations to the NAACP.  (Not that I was planning on making anyway, but that isn't the point here.)

Given Zimmerman's background and propensity for violence, shooting 17 year-old Trayvon Martin may have been racially motivated or not.  Only time will tell, but the whole incident would barely have been a blip across the computer screen had Zimmerman been black and Treyvon white.

A few years back six black teenagers in Louisania known of as the Jena Six, nearly beat Justin Baker, a white teen, to death.  Like the ringing of Pavlov's bell, uber-racists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and much of the oppressed black community rallied around the Jena six and turned Baker's injuries into a side issue in the whole case.

Ernest T. Bass, a character on the on the Andy Griffith Show, may never have met them, but he had the prototype down pat when he told a group of school kids how to get a possum out of a hole.  "You either smoke it out, or you take a sharp stick and jab it out," said Ernest T. in Miss Krump's fifth grade class.

Any thing related to a black person, be it good or bad, is the sharp stick needed to lure Jackson and Sharpton out of their holes and organize a protest.

But where is the outcry when a child playing in her house becomes a victim of one of their drive-by shootings?  And where is their outrage at their own for squandering opportunities given to them, like a free public education?

The stats speak for themselves.  Between 2008 and 2010, 80% of all Asians graduated from high school, 78% of all whites, 56% of all Hispanics, 54% of all blacks and 51% of all Native Americans.  Where is their outrage over that and over missed opportunities?  Regardless of what condition their textbooks are in, so long as they have words on them and aren't covered with tagging, they can still be used.  And regardless of where their school is located, it is the kids and their parents who make the school and not the other way around as people like Jackson and Sharpton like to claim.

For a while I thought I wanted to intern at the "Chicago Reporter."  Then I took a gander at their website and saw a story about a black mother bemoaning the fact that they were getting evicted from a housing project because her teenage son broke the rules and had used drugs.  Rather than clobbering her son, which is something my mother would have done, she said that he needed to do drugs in order to fit in.  Hopefully, they didn't settle in a Crips or Bloods area.  It'd bring down the block.

I recently saw "the Help" and began to understand how much harder it is to get ahead with a black skin, but that doesn't mean it's okay to shoot people, loaf, get high, and father a passel of children then leave because it's inconvenient to take care of them.

My father was an immigrant to this country, and never once did he ever hang out around a street corner, loaf, or feel sorry for himself.  If anything, he worked hard to put food on the table and clothes on our backs.  He never uttered a word about the conditions in a Displaced Person's Camp in Germany or what went on, and I'm only sorry that I didn't ask him the name of the housekeeper who hid him during the Holocaust, so I could thank her family.  But now that he is gone, I will never know.

I know it is easier to hide and blend in with a white skin, but I also know the value of hard work, of having dignity and respect, and of showing them in the end.




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  • Wow! You are crazy ignorant. So the help makes you understand what it is like to have colored skin? It was a Disney movie, telling the story of black people from the white perspective- yah that's pretty tame. As for your father, that's great, but how can you take that info and assume that all blacks are, as you say, on drugs, not pursuing education, and commuting crimes- great way to generalize.

    And if it was a black man who killed a white kid, he would have been arrested, charged as an adult, and would probably be a candidate for the death penalty. And of course you would hear it on the news.

    So since your article pointed out your perceived biases and injustices offbeat if it was a white person then it wouldn't be covered, sharpen would t be out there, and your generalization about my race... I think you made where you are coming from quite clear.

    Brush yiur shoulder off, I think you have a little racist on you.

  • In reply to Wildcardfox:

    I hate to confuse you with any facts, but here are some from another ChicagoNow blogger from June 2010. These are some of the neighborhoods others hear about around the country. I know when I did when I was living in another city... The thing is, what are you doing about it, other than insult my good name, my honor and integrity?

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    In reply to Tzippo:

    This blogger is fact checking her information against the so called facts that she got from another blogger, this whole piece is a joke, right? Peter Jennings is rolling over in his grave, this blogger is attempting to become part of this story in some way. Thusly breaking rule #1 in reporting. Never become part of the story you are reporting on.

  • In reply to Tzippo:

    What are you doing about it. It's so easy to sit around and talk about something you have an idea about, but the problem with that is, you only have an idea. You don't know. You look to old to be so nieve.

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    Before you post something you need to get your facts straight. It Jena, La not Texas... I'm for all people and no killing is justified and I will protest and march if that's what it takes to get justice!!

    Now Post on that!! Smh...

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    You know what's really sad? This pathetic blogger thought that this inflammatory op-Ed was going to get people steamed up enough to read her sophomoric attempts at writing. A blogger is nothing more than a "hipster - poser" with a laptop and an over inflated since of their own opinion. They are too dumb to know that not even their friends are reading their blogs. As for this blogger, if she had any friends they would have stopped her from posting this and making a fool of herself. She has taking a real issue and reduced it to a Fox News Channel lowest common denominator state of mind. She sounds like a troubled sixth grader regurgitating the racist rhetoric she heard her old man spouting off about blacks when he had one too many beers. Sadly her writing lacks as much imagination as her opinion. She sounds like an old episode of " Archie Bunker" but what I'm guessing is that when she and her drunk old man were watching the show, they were both too dumb to realize that it was satire and it was making fun of those simple minded racist statements. "Archie Bunker" was funny, but the joke is on this blogger. She should do what bloggers fo best and stick to writing about Starbucks, anything else is a far too lofty aspiration.

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    disgusting article. shame on you. you are everything that is wrong with the world. disgusting.

  • I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. That's the beauty of America. Stick to blogging no respectable newspaper in this county would hire you. You could alway seek out the Murdocks!

  • In reply to just4all:

    Sometimes my editors say that. Except they put a question mark at the end.

  • I find it real cute and all, how you are profiling ALL BLACKS, hmmm that's interesting. Isn't that exactly what George Zimmerman did right before he shot and killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood on the side of the street on FEB. 26? But fortunately, this is not about all blacks, but the terrible injustice and loss of one, TRAYVON MARTIN and RIGHT VS. WRONG. Now that you have stated your opinion, so-called statistics, and facts, let's get to the main idea of the story. Trayvon was a 17 black boy, who was profiled, pursued, and killed by George Zimmerman(white-hispanic) a paranoid racist, whom happens to refer to certain people as, "FUCKIN' COONS." Zimmerman is walking around free, as if he did nothing wrong and Trayvon Martin is in his grave.
    And FYI Tzippo not all black kids drop out, Trayvon Martin was a junior in high school with one year left before he you give me the statistics on his chances of graduating now. And another thing, you will never understand or know what it is like to be black in America and some fairy tale you watch on TV doesn't even scratch the surface of what we have to deal with on a daily basis!

  • In reply to Rhonda82:

    Yes, like a 54% high school completion rate means that all blacks drop out. Glad you are so concerned about civil rights. BTW, where were you when Tawana Brawley falsely accused a man of raping her, Sharpton incited your community and a Jewish man was murdered in retaliation or for the Jena Six? Bother you much? Didn't think so.

  • All of that is sad and all but this is not about Jena Six or the Jewish man. Again, IT IS ABOUT TRAYVON MARTIN, and he wasn't one of your statistics...Oh yea and I was right here in Florida. You must be a self appointed reporter just like Zimmerman was a self appointed neighborhood watch. Stick to one story, you are everywhere with this blog!

  • I am talking about the silence in the black community when the tables are turned.

  • I agree with you on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. All races commit crimes, however, you sound like a racist with your comments regarding picks, hanging on street corners, and saggy pants. Honey ALL races do that to. You are doing exactly what Zimmerman did that night, stereotyping. It's what the police do, depending on the neighborhood. Bottom line racism is alive and well. As my 17 year son stated, " I can't believe this kind of stuff still happens". As I told him, " Racism is just like the sun behind the clouds, It's still there". While I do agree with you about Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson speaking up whenever something happens to a black person, I must ask you, What do you expect from two men who was born in the race war and are still living in it. You may want to educate yourself on the details of the Jena Six. You either don't know the whole story or you are just severely blind. I hope you never fall victim to a crime committed by someone of your own race. I would be curios to see your outlook on justice then. Last, but most certainly not least, Searching subjects on Google only give you have the story, so I can see why you have been misinformed, next time get better sources before you blabber on.

  • In reply to Kristy Kash:

    Even Obama told males in the black community them to pull up their pants. Does that make him a racist, too? I expect Jackson and Sharpton to be fair regardless of when they were born. They are community leaders not two old men sitting in a barber shop. They claimed that there were tensions between the boys before that, but that's no reason to put someone in the hospital. What does how old you think I look have to do with anything? Also, there's no such word as nieve. Did you mean naive? Send me the links to your sources.

  • When the tables are turned the black man is arrested and presumed guilty, before the trial. So the white man doesn't have to go to the extent of calling an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to their defense. This man (ZIMMERMAN) doesn't even have to stand trial, as of yet! THAT IS JUST WRONG, regardless of race...and here you are with your amateur article talking about you don't want to here no more about Zimmerman. I guess because some black children drop out, wear their pants sagging, and have picks in their hair, they deserve what they get, RIGHT? Well here, in Florida, the whites and hispanics do the same and worse, the only difference is their parents have the money to buy their children a get out of jail free pass.
    And don't worry Tzippo, I am a big girl so you didn't have to delete your other comments. You have my permission to continue using large sentences. I am black, but my comprehension level is superb, contrary to your beliefs. Anything you throw my way, I guarantee I eat it and digest all of it! And based off the context clues, seems to me, this article is about a person stating their opinion to the world on how 'YOU' view black people, nothing more-nothing less. In conclusion, I DON'T LIKE RACIST, but I don't kill them! With that being said, I'm done chatting with you, you have a wonderful evening.

  • Tzippo you have made some of the most ridiculously naive and childish comments that I have read on this issue.

    If you choose not to be informed about African American history that is your choice, but then expect your comments to be treated with any degree of seriousness. Judging by your urgent need to defend the indefensible, that itself speaks volumes.

    Your referencing of the Disney movie 'The Help' is quite laughable. I would suggest you read some history books about the painful Civil Rights era and African American history or some documentary footage. It might give you a better picture of the pained and strained history that brings out sadness, frustration and anger towards authority.

    I have always tried to judge people largely on their character and actions, which always forms a truer assessment of a person rather than colour, race, religion or creed. Although, on the other hand perhaps you'd rather not bother, but wilful ignorance and stupidity are always best ridiculed...

    ...Congratulations on being impressively uninformed!

  • In reply to JohnJGuy:

    Gee, Guy, which statements would you like to refute? And honestly, what does it matter who produced "the Help" since it was based on a true story? Would you feel better if Touchstone or Sony had produced it? Boy, was that Ernest T. ever right.

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    Seriously....are you serious??? The thing that is just so wrong about your story - besides everything - is that I just returned after a year working in Canada. Homeless people every ten foot, drug addicts, welfare recipients, exactly as you describe - except not one was black. They were all white - go take a holiday in Vancouver and open your eyes. Homelessness and hopelessness is a problem all over North America - it is certainly not only one race of people. Your post is disgraceful - you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • In reply to Kim Johnston:

    According to police and news reports, many black neighborhoods are plagued by drugs and violence, as in people choosing to take drugs and be violent. Why should I be ashamed of myself? I'm not the one taking drugs and doing things to land myself in jail. Honestly.

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