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Save the dates for these Northwoods events

Save the dates for these Northwoods events
Northwoods vacationers, mark your calendars and make plans for things to do when in Vilas County Wisconsin.  The Forest Lake Country Store located just outside of Land O Lakes Wisconsin has announced a few exciting events coming up which will be fun to be part of during your holiday up north. Here are a few... Read more »

I can smell the northwoods now!

Every year we plan a family vacation up to the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  Mercer, Wisconsin to be exact.  My wife’s family owns a small cabin up on a small lake chain and their family has been going up to the area for well over 40 years.  It is just one of those annual vacations that... Read more »

News from the Land O Lakes Wisconsin area

I love visiting the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  As a matter of fact, I just returend from the Boulder Juntion area.  It was a short trip, but very enoyable. Life is a little different up north.  It’s not as hectic as we have here in the City.  Seeing the monthly newsletter from for Forest Lake Country... Read more »

The La Crosse Wisconsin - A great outdoors and family vacation destination

I say it all the time that Great Fishing is not that far away.  I have strong feelings about that and feel that we who live in the Midwest have literally unlimited options when it comes to fishing destinations.   I’ve been able to visit a lot of lakes and rivers in my time.  Some I... Read more »

News from the Northwoods of Land O Lakes

The Land O Lakes ares is one of my favorite northwoods destinations for fishing and simply enjoying the outdoors.  I’ve been visiting this area since I first got married over 40 years ago.  Sure, it’s changed a lot over the years but there is so much there that brings back memories of the days when I... Read more »