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CWD Discovered in Will County

Dan Stefanich harvested this deer on a Late winter CWD hunt in Grundy County. The deer did not have CWD.
The first case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Illinois was reported in Boone County in November of 2002. Since then, the disease has continued to trickle into the Illinois deer herd, mostly into the counties bordering Wisconsin. But now it’s in Will County. A deer harvested as part of the Forest Preserve culling program... Read more »

2012 Illinois Trout Season Opens April 7th

2012 Illinois Trout Season Opens April 7th
Unless you belong to a private club, you had better put your trout fishing gear away until next weekend. The 2012 Trout season officially opens NEXT Saturday,  April 7th, at 5 am. This year, the IDNR has stocked over 60,000 rainbow trout in 43 bodies of water that are open to the public for trout... Read more »