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Underwater camera gives you a view of what's under the ice

MarCum is without a doubt the leader in technology when it comes to underwater cameras.  I’ve seen them in action and was amazed at the quality of the images seen on the screen.  Here’s some information that came in from our friends at MarCum… Underwater Surveillance below the ice Auto Camera Panner now included FREE... Read more »

Walleyes on the run

If you ‘re a walleye angler you will enjoy checking this out.  If you watch these MarCum underwater cameras for a while, you can see some really nice sized fish passing by.  Pretty neat. Shiocton, Wis. – (3/29/11) Time to open another web browser. While whittling away at the stack of emails suffocating your inbox,... Read more »

Tricked-Out Cameras Create 'Nervous Fish Syndrome'

This came in from our friends at MarCum… MarCum’s new color widescreens introduce numerous optical breakthroughs  Minneapolis, MN – More than a decade ago, many of the country’s top touring bass and walleye pros began quietly stowing a new fish-finding device in their boats. For these renaissance competitors, the underwater camera became their secret prefishing... Read more »

Underwater Cameras

From MarCum Technologies…   Minneapolis, MN – For over a decade, MarCum Technologies underwater cameras have flown under the figurative radar of the angling public. Not that MarCum cameras haven’t been in use on the ice and inside the boats of some of North America’s most astute anglers. But up until now, they’ve played the... Read more »

Live Fish Cam now online

We’re now taking giant steps into the future. With the help of MarCum Technologies, people from around the world can see fish movement on a Live Fish Cam that is now being demonstrated at the Minnesota State Fair. Check this out… MarCum Technologies’ “Live Fish Cam”  now playing 24/7 online Minneapolis, MN – How many species... Read more »