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International Kennel Club at McCormick Place

My daughter Lisa was competing with her German Shorthaired Pointer Wager at the Internaltional Kennel Club meet at McCormick Place in Chicago. She competted in agility, rally, and confirmation.  Wager did pretty well and the two had a great time.  Later today and tomorrow, Sunday brings on more compeittion.  We’ll see if any ribbons come... Read more »

Gun dogs are good all around dogs

I’ve had GermanShorthaired Pointers in my house for about 30 years, maybe longer.  At this time, I have two.  Acutally, they belong to my daughter Lisa. Gambol, who is 14 and Wager who is 4 are like night and day.   Gambol lives up to his name.  In the field he’ll just gambol along at his... Read more »