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Christmas gift idea for the fisherman

Christmas gift idea for the fisherman
The other day my wife came home from being out with a couple friends and had a question for me. “Barbara told me that she asked Bill if he wanted anything for Christmas in the line of fishing equipment.” she said. She went on to explain that Barbara’s husband thought it would be difficult for... Read more »

Ocean Waves Contest Winner Announced

I ran a contest where the winner can win a $139.00 gift certificate towards a pair of Ocean Waves Sunglasses. Readers of the blog were shown a photo of me wearing a pair of OW glasses and the question was, what model are they? I was not surprised to see that many… a lot of... Read more »

Ocean Waves winner announced

Here’s the photo that was selected to be the winner for the Ocean Waves contest.   Congratulations goes out to Kevin S. who sent in this photo of his son Patrick. Kevin will receive a $139.00 gift certificate good towards a pair of Ocean Waves Sunglasses.  Now the problem is, who will get the sunglasses, Kevin or his... Read more »

PHOTO CONTEST - Win a gift certificate for Ocean Waves Sunglasses

How would you like to win a gift certificate worth $139.00 toward a pair of Ocean Waves sunglasses? It’s easy.  I’d like to see a photo of you in some sort of fishing or hunting situation.  Show me your prize fish or a trophy buck.  Even if its a great fishing or hunting photo, send... Read more »

We have a winner

Thank you to all who have sent in entries to win a $139.00 gift certificate for a pair of Ocean Waves Sunglasses. There were 78 entries.  Pretty good response I’d say. Well, all the names went into a hat and one random name was drawn to be the winner. And the winner is….. Tom J... Read more »

Final notice on Ocean Waves Sunglasses contest - 7 days left

Don Dziedzina wearing a pair of Ocean Waves Bandanna sunglasses with Backwater Green lenses. By the way, this bass was caught sight fishing. You can see all details by clicking on the CONTEST link above. But in a nutshell, winning is easy.  Send an email to me at  In the SUBJECT line, put OCEAN... Read more »

Sunglasses and sight fishing

There should be no doubt in anyones mind when it comes to wearing sunglasses while on the water.  When fishing and specifically when sight fishing, a good pair or polorized sunglasses are very important. Sight fishing simply means looking for a target, i.e a fish or a rock or submurged weeds, logs, etc and then... Read more »

Contest is moving along well

Don Dziedzina with a nice smallie that he caught sight fishing around huge boulders. Don is wearing prescription Kauai sunglasses by Ocean Waves. The contest for a $139.00 gift certificat toward a pair of Ocean Waves sunglasses is going along well. So far 30 emails have been received.  Do I have yours? To enter is easy. ... Read more »