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Looking for an Ice Auger

Looking for an Ice Auger
Ice fishing is not that far off.  Actually I have a trip scheduled to do some TV shows up north on Ice Fishing in December. Well, I am in need to make a decision and some research that I’ve been doing is making the decision tough for me. First of all, I hate to say... Read more »

Mike Iaconelli Iced?

Mike Iaconelli fishes on hard water?  Who would believe it?  No, he didn’t drag his boat on to the water, but he did go with the right people and with the right gear from people like Northland Tackle, Frabill, MarCum, and StrikeMaster.  Here’s some info on the Ike’s walking on water….    Bass smasher hangs hooks vertically... Read more »

A tip from a pro...

Here’s a tip from angling pro, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl… When I head out on a lake, I like to use my Hummingbird 385C loaded with my LakeMaster ProMap to navigate to spots I have pre-selected on the map. I like to mark the contour of the structure with my snowmobile or truck, so I know... Read more »

Strikemaster augers has a newsletter to share

This came in from folks at Strikemaster.  The ice season is not that far off so hopefully we’ll see a series of these newsbits from Strikemaster and I’ll pass them on to you here in my blog for your information and reading pleasure.  For more information on Strikemast products, visit their website at Welcome…1st... Read more »

StrikeMaster Augers "Handle" Like a Pro

From our friends at StriMaster… “New High Impact Composite Handle System adds toughness and brute strength  Big Lake, MN – A dance partner who’s light on their feet makes doin’ the boogie or foxtrot infinitely more enjoyable. Particularly when compared to a hefty clunker who’s constantly stepping on your toes. On frozen lakes, fishermen find... Read more »

It's time to start thinking about ice fishing

It’s not too early to start thinking about ice fishing.  Don’t wait until the last minute when it comes to your ice fishing gear.  This press release was just  received….. How to upgrade a wintertime legen Classic Lazer Mag cutting machine only improves with age Big Lake, MN – A steadfast power tool is a thing of... Read more »