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Lower Niagara Fishing Photos

At the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Spring Mega Media Cast N Blast, some great fishing was had on the Lower Niagara River, the eastern basin of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. We could not have done it alone.  We had a lot of help from guides like Matt Yablonsky (, Jeff Draper ( Read more »

Western New York is a Sportsman’s Paradise

“Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it New York, New York!” Okay, I realize that Frank Sinatra probably didn’t have wild turkey, steelhead, and smallmouth bass in mind when he sang that. But nevertheless, that song was in my head as I left Chicago towards Western New York... Read more »

Fishing the lower Niagara River

Fishing the lower Niagara River
A sunny afternoon of fishing can be fun no matter where you go.   But I’ve been in Lewiston, New York, staying at the Barton Hill Hotel which offers a beautiful view of the Lower Niagara River.  And the fishing here… it’s fantastic. I’m only about a 10  minute ride from the Niagara Falls which makes... Read more »