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Video of shooting a cannon at outdoor writers conference

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Dan Stefanich of Dan Stef Outdoors ( and Contributing Outdoor Blogger at Illinois Outdoors gets to fire off a cannon during the Shooting Day at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference at Rathbun Lake in Iowa. While visiting the Steelclay Shooting Sports outdoor range in nearby Eddyville IA (phone – 641-969-4397) Dan was... Read more »

Photos from the taping of an Illinois Outdoors TV Show at the Frankfort Sportsman Club

Brought my nephew Jerod to the Frankfort Sportsman Club (191st just west of 80th Avenue, Mokena) where he learned to shoot a shotgun.   This is the first time he ever handled a shotgun.  With the help of Jeff and Pam Hobson, NRA Certified Shotgun instructors, Jerod did very well. A TV show was there for... Read more »

13 year old learns to shoot a shotgun

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My 13 year old nephew  Jarod Burczak learned how to shoot a shotgun with the help of two NRA certified shotgun instructors, Jeff and Pam Hobson last weekend. Jeff and Pam are members of the Frankfort Sportsman Club located at 191st and 80th Ave in Mokena, IL. This is a great shooting club. Memberships are... Read more »