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Fishing from the Gulf State Park Pier in Gulf Shores AL

A few weeks back when we were in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Alabama, Jim DaRosa and I got to see and do a lot of things that are of interest to the outdoorsmen and women who visit the area. On one day we took some time to visit the Gulf State Park Pier.  The were quire a few... Read more »

Time for catching Red Snapper

  From our freinds at Orange Beach, Alabama… Red Snapper Fishing Red Hoton Alabama’s Gulf Coast 06/16/2011 – How did the BP oil spill of last summer affect fishing in the Gulf of Mexico this year? To learn the answer, we talked with the Orange Beach Fishing Association (OBFA) in Orange Beach Alabama. “I’ve never... Read more »

A quick vacation destination for fishing and fun

Some friends from Gulf Shores and Orange Beach tell me that they’re not experiencing the rainy weather that Chicagoland has.   Summertime fun can be had along the Gulf of Mexico.  I want to share their email to me in a moment, but if  you enjoy fishing and simply relaxing, if you enjoy the best iin seafood dining,... Read more »

What do you do if you can't fish the Alabama Gulf?

A few weeks ago Jim DaRosa and I were in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area of Alabama.  We did a live broadcast of our radio show from the SanRoc Cay Marina.  You can listen to the show, just CLICK HERE. We got to do some fishing and that was a blast.  But mother nature sometimes... Read more »

Photos from Gulf Shores/Orange Beach

Had a great time in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach this last week.  It was a great experience to not only do the saltwater fishing, but also meet a lot of great charter captains and local anglers.  Jim DaRosa and I did a live broadcast of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show from SanRoc Cay Marina in... Read more »

These Drum look like they just escaped from prison

Jim DaRosa and I along with our wives are in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Alabama.  What a great vacation spot this is.  If you don’t believe me, check out their website at www,  Surf through that sight and you’ll surely agree. Today, Jim and I got to fish within a half mile of our condo.  Our... Read more »

Starting a trip to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach right

Jim DaRosa, his wife Janette, my wife Judy and I started our trip to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach Alabama the right way.  We were joined by and good friend of ours Kim Chapman of the Gulf Shores Tourism.   We kicked off our trip down south with a great dinner at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Orange Beach on Perdido Beach... Read more »

The Certified Fisher Invested in Sustainable Harvests Program

I visited the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area of Alabama for the first time last fall.  What an enlightening experience it was.  I cannot wait to return.  The whole area is not only beautiful, but everyone down there seems to have a common goal, to protect yet enjoy the fishery.  This press release just came in and I... Read more »

The State Park Pier at Gulf Shores

During my recent visit to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area, Fishing and Outdoor Radio co-host partner Jim DaRosa and I took one morning to walk out on the State Park Pier in Gulf Shores. Wow, what a great place to go fishing.  For only a few dollars you can bring your gear a quarter of... Read more »

Big Boats Equal Big Fish

Our trip to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama Jim DaRosa and I got a tour the Orange Beach Marina and some pretty big boats. Captain Ben Fairey will be one of our guests for the Live Remote Broadcast of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show on November 3.  Chech out the boat he runs on the Gulf.  There are some shots... Read more »