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Cream Cheese and Crab Stuffed Morels

Since we found so many morels this year, I couldn’t resist sharing another recipe. This one is a little more work, but trust me it’s worth it! Ingredients: – 10-12 large morels or ones with thick stalks – 24 ounces of cream cheese – 12 ounces of minced crab meat – 6 small green onions... Read more »

Just Like Clockwork

Brian Williams and Jerry Bush hit the jackpot this weekend.
I love being right when it comes to mushrooms.  On September 9th, just like clockwork, there were the mushrooms. Sheepshead (or Hen of the Woods) are Fall’s gift to the shroom-lovers of Illinois. This tasty fungus runs a fairly close second to the treasured spring morel when it comes to table fare. Sheepsheads are great... Read more »

Fall Mushrooms are Here at Last

Sheepshead mushrooms (also known as Hen of the Woods) are popping up from the forest floor. This rainy weather, followed by a few days of sun is sure to get them going. They can be found at the bases of large oak trees (I mean trees that you cannot wrap your arms around!) They are... Read more »

Morels are up

Nate with some nice morels. Morel mushrooms are probably the most wanted schrooms hunted for by sportsmen and women across the midwest.   Dan Stefanich got out to a Chicagoland location and got a few.   Where?  As we say in Chicago, “Fagedabadit”.   No one shares morel spots. I don’t think that it’s fair, do you? Anyhow,... Read more »