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A new way to trick out your firearm

Gun skins are available in a variety of patterns, and are custom cut to fit most modern shotguns and rifles..
Twenty years ago, I thought it would be cool to camouflage my gun. This was before camo patterns were mass produced and offered as an option for new firearms. In addition to making my gun a part of my concealment for deer and turkey hunting, I figured the covering would also protect it against the... Read more »

How to Call Ducks into Range

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Duck hunting is around the corner and it’s time that all waterfowlers dust off their calls and start practicing.  If you want to be successful in the duck blind, it will be your calling that makes the difference between getting your limit and not. There’s nothing more frustrating than to have ducks hover over your... Read more »

Hunting Tips Q & As from Mossy Oak Pro Staffer Parrish Elliott

Hunting Tips Q & As from Mossy Oak Pro Staffer Parrish Elliott
Here are some deer hunting tips from Mossy Oak’s ProStaffer Parrish Elliott. Q: What time of the year do you do your scouting? A: My scouting is year round. The heaviest scouting is usually right after deer season, just to get an idea which deer made it. To me that is very important. Q: Do... Read more »