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Finally a mosquito repellant that works

I’m a slightly saddened about this product.  Don’t get me wrong, it works great.  But I got a BugBand  for use in my fishing boat.  But somehow it was removed from my possession by my wife who loves it for her personal use while gardening. I got a BugBand so that I would not be... Read more »

ThermaCell Lantern keeps mosquitoes from bugging me

On occasion I feel that a post needs to be brought back to the top of the list.  This is one that may save you some grief in the outdoors. With our recent heat in the Chicagoland area, we’ve been forced to stay indoors to take advantage of the air conditioning.   But after several days... Read more »

Another Father's Day idea from ThermaCell

I have one of these units, or maybe I should say my wife does.  She loves it because is works great for here while gardening.  Father’s Day is coming… may I can get one to use in my boat or in the woods turkey or deer hunting.  See what the folks at ThermaCell has to... Read more »

ThermaCELL excellant for fishing, hunting and around the home

This is quite an unique product that I saw at the AGLOW Cast and Blast.  It’s perfect item to keep those pesty mosquitoes away.  I’ve got one, tried it, and amd able to say, “IT WORKS”.  If there is one problem with it it’s getting it back from my wife.  I like the ThermaCELL for... Read more »