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Northland's Hi-Def baitfish spoon evolves with the great lakes

Our friends at Northland Tackle sent over their latest press release on their Live Forage Flutter Spoon that’s been knocking em dead on the Great Lakes…. Bemidji, MN – A look inside the box of the average trout and salmon angler reveals an array of spoons patterned a lot like Christmas tree ornaments–lots of crazy... Read more »

A diamond in the rough

This press release just came in on a fish catching lure…   Bemidji, Minn. – In nature, the critical goal of prey is to blend in, to hide from predators who seek to eat them. The intent of fishing lures on the other hand is exactly the opposite–to look and boldly swim like live prey,... Read more »

Only the real thing looks more realistic

I’ve seen these baits.  They are the most realistic looking bait on the market and nothing other the the real thing looks more realistic. This press release came in.  Check it out…. Won’t Get Fooled Again…Yeah, RightPhoto-realistic LIVE-FORAGE MINNOW® SPOON pulls a fast one on the fish  Bemidji, MN – Live baitfish or a foolproof... Read more »

New Northland Digital Fish-Photo-Image baits fool fish

Being able to see so many new lures at the ICAST Show, it was just unreal.  I saw a lot.  Many were just the same ole lure with nothing apparent to be unique or new.  But when I turned the corner and walked into the Northland Tackle booth, the display just popped.  What an array... Read more »