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Take your kid fishing at any age

Take your kid fishing at any age
Getting kids into the outdoors doesn’t only mean taking a youngster to the local pond.   It should be understood that age has no limits. Several years ago I took my daughter Lisa on a fishing trip to northern Wisconsin.   After the trip was over and we were driving home, she asked if we could do... Read more »

Lisa Picks Her Puppy

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My daughter Lisa has owned serveral German Shorthaired Pointers.  Yesterday, she picked a new one.  Now we’ll have two under our roof. This one seems to be quite happy that he was picked. Big plans are in the works for this pup.  He’ll enjoy a life of hunting and competing.

GSPs are really the best

This is Wager, a German Shorthaired Pointer owned by Lisa Dziedzina, took first place in Jumpers today at the International Kennel Club meet at Chicago’s McCormick Place.  This photo was taken during his winning performance.  Can you see winning in his eyes? I’ve had a  previous post where I wrote about my daughters German Shorthaired Pointer Wager. ... Read more »

German Shorthaired Pointers, the best dogs on earth

I’ve had German Shorthaired Pointer in my home for years.  To me they’re the best pointing dogs a hunter could have. Right now there are two in my home.  My daugher Lisa owns them.  Gambol is about 14 and he’s retired.  He had some high rankings in the GSP ring.  My daughter had him compete... Read more »