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Hot fishing report from Lake Shelbyville

It’s hot outside that’s for sure.  And at Shelbyville Lake in central Illinois it’s even a bit warmer.  None the less, fishing guide Steve Welch has been out and here’s his report… The temps outside are just boiling but the only good thing about that is the white bass feed heavily at daylight and again... Read more »

Shelbyville Fishing Report

Guide Steve Welch send me another fishing report from Lake Shelbyville.  This is one lake that is so popular to Chicagoland anglers and others from around the state.  It’s a great lake and should be on your 2012 go to fish list.  Here’s Steve’s report… The low overnight temps have almost completely stopped the shallow... Read more »

Fishing Report update on Lake Shelbyville

Fishing Report update on Lake Shelbyville
This report came from Steve Welch… Lake Shelbyville is as good as anyone will ever see for crappie right now and the boats prove it. There must of been fifty boats in the Wilborn parking lot the last three days. We have been getting our three-man limit or 45 in less than an hour.  Sunday... Read more »

Fishing Report - Lake Shelbyville

From Steve Welch… The crappie fishing on Lake Shelbyville is still red hot. We have been limiting out every day and in only a few hours.  We are vertically fishing over down trees or brush in the 12-16 foot range with my 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jigs and a Midsouth tube in some white or chartreuse... Read more »