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Trusting your dog

Trusting your dog
We have some time left here in northern Illinois for hunting pheasant and quail.  In the southern half of the state there’s even more.   It seems like we waited so long for the hunting season, then it passes so quickly. This year’s opening weeks in November were a bit warm and mild.  December was okay. ... Read more »

Lisa Picks Her Puppy

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My daughter Lisa has owned serveral German Shorthaired Pointers.  Yesterday, she picked a new one.  Now we’ll have two under our roof. This one seems to be quite happy that he was picked. Big plans are in the works for this pup.  He’ll enjoy a life of hunting and competing.

I'm a Grandfather

On February 28 Dusty, a German Shorthaired Pointer gave birth to 6 little puppies.  Five boys and one girl were born one day early and it sure brought a lot of excitement in our home. Several years ago, my daughter Lisa got a pup from Char Rutar of White River Kennels near Indianapolis, IN.   That... Read more »

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of IL meeting at Cabela's

Last month the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Illinois met at the Hoffman Estates Cabela’s store.  The club had a nice display set up on the main floor and signed up a few new members.  On Saturday evening, March 5th, I was honored to be able to speak before the club.  The seminar topic…  My Life... Read more »

Gun dogs are good all around dogs

I’ve had GermanShorthaired Pointers in my house for about 30 years, maybe longer.  At this time, I have two.  Acutally, they belong to my daughter Lisa. Gambol, who is 14 and Wager who is 4 are like night and day.   Gambol lives up to his name.  In the field he’ll just gambol along at his... Read more »