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Steve Lessard Takes Home the Crown for the 2016 Hobie Fishing Worlds Championship

Steve Lessard Takes Home the Crown for the 2016 Hobie Fishing Worlds Championship
After yielding fish, fun and friendships over a few cold ones combined with shrimp and crawfish, eleven North American World Championship Team members have just returned to their respective states from the Leeville area of Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.  There they represented the USA and Canada for the sixth annual Hobie Fishing World Championship (HFW6) presented... Read more »

Hobie Kayaks and Boats on Illinois Outdoors TV

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Earlier in May I attended the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers Cast N Blast on Lake Chautauqua in New York. What a beautiful destination.  Many people think of only two things when you mention visiting New York; the Big Apple and Niagara Falls.  Well, believe it or not, New York State is a great... Read more »

Hobie Kayaks are great for fishing

At the 2011 AGLOW Cast & Blast all of the outdoor writers had an opportunity to fish out of a Hobie Kayak.  That was a blast. I have two Hobie Pro Anglers and fishing out of them is just great. While we were on Lake Barkley, Morgan Promnitz from Hobie Cat cruised by to show... Read more »

Hobie now has two new kayak models for fishing

Don Dziedzina in his Hobie Pro Angler I have two Hobie fishing boats and they are the Hobie Pro Angler.  They’re great boats for fishing.  They are 14 feet long, 38 inches wide, have the MirageDrive and plenty of storage.  I’ve fished out of them often and caught many fish.  One of my favorite TV shows is fishing out... Read more »

Getting the kids outdoors

I took my nephew Jerod out to a local forest preserve lake this week.  I brought along my Hobie Pro Angler boats and let him run one on his own.  It’s a great way to get any youngster outdoors. After about a 10 minute orientation on how the Hobie works he picked up on it... Read more »