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Better late than never, the geese are finally here

Even though we were hunting pressured birds, Mike Brenczewski's calling had birds coming into the spread with the landing gear down!
After a slow start to goose season due to warm temperatures, recent winter storms have finally pushed a lot of migratory Canada Geese south into Illinois. With plenty of open water and food available up North, the birds have not had any reason to come our way, until now. According to my buddy Mike Brenczewski,... Read more »

A waterfowl migration report from across the midwest

Migration reports that I received from John Gordon.  Waterfowler may find this interesting… “Migration Reports Week of October 4-8, 2010   Canada:   1)         Name:  Kevin Wilson Date: October 5, 2010 Location: Edmonton, Alberta Weather: Most of Alberta has seen a mixture of sun and clouds for a few days with scattered showers. The forecast... Read more »