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Forest Lake Country Store June Update..... And Photos

Sorry, had to add this photo. This was my biggest fish of the trip.  Lake and spot recommended by Mark at the Forest Lake Country Store.
My trip to the Land O Lakes area is coming to a quick close.  I had a blast up here doing some tv shows for the Angler’s Isle Resort (  I did get a couple of nice shows taped and they’ll be on the air in early July. Well on my last evening up here... Read more »

More news from the Northwoods

I’m anxious to return to the Land O Lakes area.   I’ll beheading up to the Angler’s Isle Resort in June.  It will be fun and I can’t wait to dig into one of those great Forest Lake Country Store Pizzas.   Mark send ove rsome Northwoods news.   Check it out….   Forest Lake Country Store –... Read more »