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Lund's new Fury worth taking a look at

See this press release that came out from Lund…. New York Mills, Minn. (3/28/11) – Sink, float or fly–even while other boat builders have opted for the bailing bucket, the true leaders continue to push the envelope in technology and performance while offering indisputable value. It’s the hallmark of an authentic industry trendsetter–aggressively forging ahead... Read more »

Hobie now has two new kayak models for fishing

Don Dziedzina in his Hobie Pro Angler I have two Hobie fishing boats and they are the Hobie Pro Angler.  They’re great boats for fishing.  They are 14 feet long, 38 inches wide, have the MirageDrive and plenty of storage.  I’ve fished out of them often and caught many fish.  One of my favorite TV shows is fishing out... Read more »

Time for a new boat...

I saw many of the new Lund Boats that came out on the market for 2011.  Very nice and boy it got me thinking that my 2006 boat is not that far off from replacement.  I feel the need to have a newer boat on the TV Show.  Now, after reading this press release from... Read more »

LUND's new fishing boat loads up on features, not price

Now is the time to buy a new boat.  During outdoor show and boat show time, boat manufacturers like LUND come up with some very creative packages that make buying a boat affordable.  It’s the educated boater who get the best deal and the most boat for his money.  See what LUND is doing to... Read more »