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Photos of what you can get with Meat

In this photo gallery I’m sharing with you a number of photos that were taken during the taping of a new TV show for Illinois Outdoors TV with one of my new sponsors, the Uncle Josh Bait Company. I fished Newton Lake in central Illinois with Matt Bichanich from Uncle Josh.  The baits we used... Read more »

A diamond in the rough

This press release just came in on a fish catching lure…   Bemidji, Minn. – In nature, the critical goal of prey is to blend in, to hide from predators who seek to eat them. The intent of fishing lures on the other hand is exactly the opposite–to look and boldly swim like live prey,... Read more »

Bizz Baiting Bass

I got to fish with Brian Souza, the maker of Bizz Baits, a new line of soft plastics.  Brian and I fished Wildcat, Big and Little Kitten Lakes and did pretty well caching largemouth and smallmouth bass.   We used Brian’s Bizz Baits exclusively.  Check out Brian’s website at   I think you’ll agree that they’re... Read more »

Annual ICAST Show Spotlights Top New Fishing Gear

I have several posts on tackle and sporting goods items seen at the ICAST Show.  They’ll still be coming because so many new products have been introduced for 2011.  Several new items are listed here, so read up on them, and start looking for them at your favorite bait and tackle shop.  I’m quite confident... Read more »

New Northland Digital Fish-Photo-Image baits fool fish

Being able to see so many new lures at the ICAST Show, it was just unreal.  I saw a lot.  Many were just the same ole lure with nothing apparent to be unique or new.  But when I turned the corner and walked into the Northland Tackle booth, the display just popped.  What an array... Read more »