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CWD Discovered in Will County

Dan Stefanich harvested this deer on a Late winter CWD hunt in Grundy County. The deer did not have CWD.
The first case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Illinois was reported in Boone County in November of 2002. Since then, the disease has continued to trickle into the Illinois deer herd, mostly into the counties bordering Wisconsin. But now it’s in Will County. A deer harvested as part of the Forest Preserve culling program... Read more »

Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel Cure the Winter Blues

As I crossed the causeway entering Sanibel Island in Florida, the sun was just peeking over the horizon illuminating the sky with a brilliant glow of orange. Soon thereafter, I was hopping on board a saltwater flats boat for a morning of fishing on the very northern tip of Captiva Island. I was there on... Read more »

Where have the deer gone?

Reduced deer harvest reports throughout the Midwest have sent a shockwave of concern through the deer hunting community. With our firearm harvest down roughly 20,000 from last year, Illinois is not alone. Our neighboring states are also reporting decreased harvest totals.  Missouri hunters took 157,273 deer — down 23% from last year. Wisconsin hunters took... Read more »

Diving Duck Action on Rend Lake

It’s 3:30 a.m. The air is cold and brisk, and the parking lot is full of boats and camo-clad hunters. It’s something only hard core, seasoned waterfowl hunters can appreciate, one of which I am not. But I’m getting there. I had an opportunity to hunt with my good buddy Nick Shafer on Rend Lake... Read more »

2012 Illinois Trout Season Opens April 7th

2012 Illinois Trout Season Opens April 7th
Unless you belong to a private club, you had better put your trout fishing gear away until next weekend. The 2012 Trout season officially opens NEXT Saturday,  April 7th, at 5 am. This year, the IDNR has stocked over 60,000 rainbow trout in 43 bodies of water that are open to the public for trout... Read more »

A "Must-have" for Tree Stand Hunters

Have you ever climbed your tree stand, got all situated and ready to hunt, then you realize you’re missing a glove? You look down and it’s lying on the ground. If this hasn’t happened to you, don’t worry it will. I met a bowhunter on a recent hunting trip that is producing an awesome little... Read more »

Video of shooting a cannon at outdoor writers conference

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Dan Stefanich of Dan Stef Outdoors ( and Contributing Outdoor Blogger at Illinois Outdoors gets to fire off a cannon during the Shooting Day at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference at Rathbun Lake in Iowa. While visiting the Steelclay Shooting Sports outdoor range in nearby Eddyville IA (phone – 641-969-4397) Dan was... Read more »

Fall Mushrooms are Here at Last

Sheepshead mushrooms (also known as Hen of the Woods) are popping up from the forest floor. This rainy weather, followed by a few days of sun is sure to get them going. They can be found at the bases of large oak trees (I mean trees that you cannot wrap your arms around!) They are... Read more »

Mother Nature Can Be One Tough Old Bird

Congrats to Cody Kowalczyk on his first wild turkey taken near Rend Lake in Franklin County, Illinois. Turkey hunting is challenging enough when the weather is nice. Add in 40-degree temperatures, pouring rain and 30 mph winds, and you’ve got your work cut out. That was our situation in Southern Illinois this past weekend. My... Read more »