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A braided line that's like fluorocarbon? Spiderwire has it!

I’m pumped.  With this warm weather our fishing season is getting some extra weeks and that means we can go fishing more. I just got a spool of Ultracast fluorbraid line and will be spooling up to give it a try before the snow flys.  Here’s a press release on this great line… The Braid... Read more »

80 pound braid and muskie fishing

Don Dziedzina with a 38 inch muskie taken using braided line on a baitcasting reel. I was asked a question about the use of 80 pound braid on a muskie reel.  Specifically, the question poses was it alright to use 80 pound mono on a spinning reel made for 40 pound. Wow.  I’m not saying... Read more »