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Bowfishing Association of Illinois Update

Bowfishing Association of Illinois Update
Here’s a Bowfishing Association of Illinois update from president Ed DeVries…. Hey everyone!  Just a few updates we thought you might be interested in. The BAI will not be at the Chicagoland Outdoor Show this winter as the show has been cancelled by the promoters. I think this is the first time since the early... Read more »

Bowfishing Assn. of Illinois Updates

From Ed DeVries, President Bowfishing Assoc. of Illinois   Hey everyone!   The BAI is happy to announce the addition of Abbie Aymer from Belleville Ill. and Mason Storm from Plainfield Illinois as BAI club directors! The BAI is rapidly growing and the addition of these members will greatly help us accomplish our goals as... Read more »

Bowfishing Newsletter

There’s no doubt that bowfishing is and exciting sport.  The Bowfishing Assn. of Illinois has just come out with thier December 2010 newsletter.  To see the newsletter, CLICK HERE