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Bow Fishing Association of Illinois Hosts River Clean Up Day

Bow Fishing Association of Illinois Hosts River Clean Up Day
The Bowfishing Association of Illinois will be hosting an Illinois River Spring Clean Up event at Starved Rock State Park on Saturday, April 23rd at 4 AM. Those who wish to participate are encouraged to bring their boat and fish barrels to fill with as much trash as can be collected.  Plastic, cans, old fishing... Read more »

Bowfishing Assn. of Illinois Updates

From Ed DeVries, President Bowfishing Assoc. of Illinois   Hey everyone!   The BAI is happy to announce the addition of Abbie Aymer from Belleville Ill. and Mason Storm from Plainfield Illinois as BAI club directors! The BAI is rapidly growing and the addition of these members will greatly help us accomplish our goals as... Read more »

InnerlocState Championship/Director's Shoot Info

From Ed DeVries, Pres. Bowfishing Assoc of Illinois … The big shoot is 3 months away but you want to make your plans to be there now as this is going to be a great one for anyone who shoots fish with a bow. Seasoned tournament shooter of weekend bank shooter, there will be something... Read more »

Bowfishing News from BAI

Bowfishing news from Ed DeVries, President – Bowfishing Association of Illinois….  On June 5th we will hold our annual AMS Bowfishing Northern Illinois Championship on Grass Lake out of Halings Marina in Antioch off Grass Lake Rd. This year we are changing the shoot format to a big 10 format with an optional big fish... Read more »