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NMMA to Produce Rosemont Sportfishing, Travel & Outdoors Show

It’s official.  The outdoors show in Rosemont will contunue.  Congratulations goes out to the NMMA and Keith Ogulnick who will manage the new show.  A press release announcing the new show came out today.  Let me share it with you here… CHICAGO (March 29, 2011) – The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) today announced it... Read more »

America's Outdoor Show is no longer

America's Outdoor Show is no longer
After a two year attempt to bring back the largest outdoor show in Chicagoland, Jim Sugarman’s America’s Outdoor Show held in Rosemont just a few weeks ago will be coming to an end. I’ve heard from several people who have received emails from Sugarman who said with a heavy heart that he just has to... Read more »

Outdoor Shows not just for men

From the America’s Outdoor Show…. “Step aside, gentlemen…Women in the world of the outdoors will take high priority when the longest running outdoors show in Chicagoland, America’s Outdoor Show, returns to the Stephens Expo Center in Rosemont, January 26 through 30, 2011. Show promoter, Jim Sugarman, relates, “One thing that has been requested of the... Read more »

Outdoor Show excitement alive and well

This weekend is the celebration of the 17th year for the Tinley Park Fishing and Outdoor Show.  It’s so good to see that the outdoor show excitement is alive and well.  On Saturday, the crowds were fantastic.  This show has grown to partially filling one gymnasium to an over flowing number of exhibitors filling three... Read more »

I'll give America's Outdoor Show 3 out of 4 Stars

The show had a slow start. I was not there Wed or Thurs but give you this with info from friends who had a couple booths there. I spend the day at their booths on Fri and Sat. Friday was not a banner crowd but a good one. Saturday was very good up to about... Read more »