Northwoods Supper Club Dining

Northwoods Supper Club Dining
Don Dz

Some might say that I don’t qualify as a food critic or being one who could write volumes about restaurants and what they serve.  But I beg to differ.

The reality of it is that I’ve been eating all my like and believe it or not, I know what I like.

My job, even though I hate calling it that, brings me to destinations across the country.  I do Outdoor TV and Radio.  I’m also an outdoor writer.  My travels have taken me from Gulf Shores, Alabama to the Upper Peninsula.  Most often it’s to do tape TV shows, remote radio broadcasts or to write columns about the destination for fishing or hunting.

My favorite location to visit is in the Boulder Junction area of Wisconsin.  There are several reasons for this.  Most importantly, the fishing is good.  With over 190 lakes all within 10 miles of town, it’s easy to find a place to fish.

Another reason is because my wife enjoys visiting this area too.  There are plenty of country shops in town and nearby.  With the many cranberry bogs in the area, most all have an inviting country store of their own to enjoy besides the bog tours.

No one other thing draws me to the area and it’s something that brings a long day on the water to an enjoyable conclusion.  That’s dining in one of the many fine restaurants in town.

I’ve been visiting Boulder Junction for many years but only as of recent times have I been taking advantage of the fine cuisine of the Northwoods.  And there's nothing better than Northwoods Supper Club dining.  One restaurant that I enjoyed this summer was the Guide’s Inn found right on Highway M on the south side of town.

I was joined by a small group of friends.  With that a variety of meals were served and I got to see and hear about all of them.  I had scallops over a bed of pasta that was embraced by a succulent homemade pesto sauce.  The silver dollar size scallops were grilled to perfection.

My wife Judy had one of the Guide’s Inn specialties; Shrimp and Steak.  This was a combination of large batter fried shrimp and a well prepared tenderloin steak.

Several of the people had the pan-fried walleye.  This is the number one dish on the Guide’s Inn menu.  A little taste was offered to me and that made it easy to understand why it’s so highly rated at the Guide’s Inn.

“The pan-fried walleye is our most popular dinner here at the Guide’s Inn.”,  owner and chef Jimmy Dean Van Rossum said.  “It’s fried to a golden brown and is a true fresh water delicacy.  People from all over the country have come to Boulder Junction and stop in here for our walleye dinner.”

As our main courses were served, the dinner table became silent.  This tells me that everyone was enjoying their food.

Van Rossum purchased the Guide’s Inn back in the 1980’s when it was a common meeting place for the many Boulder Junction fishing and hunting guides.  While sitting at our table my mind had wondered, often wondering how many fishing stories have been told under this roof.

The salads, relish tray and side dishes were all perfect for this dinner.  But when it became time for dessert, I wanted to try something different.

The Guide’s in makes all their own ice creams from scratch and that’s the direction I wanted to go.   The fresh rhubarb sorbet sounded refreshing, tasteful, and inviting and was a wise choice.

It was good to see Chef Von Rossum visit the patrons while they enjoyed their dinners.  At every table, he’d stop by to see if everything was to their liking.  That’s a sign of confidence in the meals prepared.

There are no shortcuts at the Guide’s Inn.  It was truly an enjoyable dining experience.  Dinners were reasonably priced for fine dining.  With cocktails, dinner and dessert, plan on about $30 to $35 per person.

I’d recommend making reservations if you have a large group of 6 – 8 or more.  The Guide’s Inn can be reached at 715-385-2233.  To see their menu, visits  To see a video of Chef Jimmy Dean making his famous Pan Fried Walleye, see this YouTube video   CLICK HERE

For more information about the Boulder Junction area, visit their site at or give them a call at 800-Go-Musky.  They can help you with your vacation planning for lodging, dining, fishing guides and tourism attractions.

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