2017 Hobie Bass Open comes to Kentucky Lake in June

2017 Hobie Bass Open comes to Kentucky Lake in June
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The fourth annual Hobie Bass Open, presented by Kentucky Lake Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, will take place at Kentucky Dam Village State Park, June 9-11, 2017. The Open will be one of a series of U.S. and Canadian qualifying events for the Hobie Fishing Worlds VII. The winner will not only take home the crown, cash and prizes but will also be invited to join Team USA at the next Hobie Fishing World Championship.

Anglers are invited to register for the event by logging onto iAnglerTournament.com

The event is a catch, photograph and release (CPR) tournament where anglers measure and photograph their top three bass during each of the two competition days (June 10 and 11), to be scored by total aggregate length. Eligible species include largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass on human powered kayaks.

One hundred percent of entry fees will be paid out with a ratio of one place for every 10 entrants. There will be raffles and prizes as well as other awards including one for the biggest bass each day. In addition, the first and second place finishers will qualify for the 7th Hobie Fishing World Championship. Along with the prize money, the winner will have their airfare, accommodations and entry fee covered courtesy of Kentucky Dam Village and Hobie Cat Company.

A Hobie Fun Fest consumer event will be held simultaneously off the Kentucky Dam beach. Hobie invites all competitors as well as the general public to bring their family and friends and join in the festivities that will be held Saturday, June 10, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Fun seekers will have the opportunity to demo Hobie Islands, kayaks, SUPs, and the Mirage Eclipse.





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