Take your kid fishing at any age

Getting kids into the outdoors doesn’t only mean taking a youngster to the local pond.   It should be understood that age has no limits.

Several years ago I took my daughter Lisa on a fishing trip to northern Wisconsin.   After the trip was over and we were driving home, she asked if we could do it again the next year.  I said of course.

Lisa and I have always had different schedules.  It was difficult to get her to go fishing with me.  When she could go, I couldn’t and it was the same story when I could go.  No matter though.  We’ve made a pact to get on the water every fall.  It has grown to be a tradition for “my kid” now even though she’s in her late 40’s.

This year was a short trip.  One day traveling north, 3 days of fishing and one day heading home.  Her vacation time cut this trip short because of trips she has taken to enter her two German Shorthaired Pointers into dog shows across the Midwest.

We were lucky on this trip though.  Weather in October was mild.  Air temps up north were in the 60s and 70s.  Winds were not bad and water surface temps were in the high 50s.

One thing we have to deal with at this time of year is lake turn-over.  It happens ever fall where warm and cold water mix and with that, the fish are quite confused.  The bite is near non-existent.

The easy fix for that is traveling to a different lake.   We fish the Boulder Junction area of Wisconsin.  Within 10 miles of town there are 194 lakes and that makes finding fishable waters easy.

We picked a small lake after two extremely slow days on our waters by our cabin.  The third day had to be a charm because we’d be leaving after that.

There was a chance that bass would be biting on a small lake. As luck would have it, we picked the right one and did very well.

Lisa was told to put her wacky worm bait along side any log she sees in the water.  On here second cast she brought in an 18 ¾ inch largemouth.   What a beauty.   Later that morning she mentioned seeing a big log laying in the water.  From along side it, she reeled in an 18 incher.

All in all we brought about 25 largemouths and smallmouths to the boat.  Wacky worms were the trick.  This was a trip to remember because those two big bass were Lisa’s personal best for largemouth bass.

These fish created some great memories for Lisa.  That’s what fishing is all about.  We released all of our fish because it’s not about bringing fish home for the table.  It’s about time spent together.  We enjoy fishing.  We also enjoy seeing an occasional eagle fly over, otters playing on the bank or a loon diving under water and guessing where it would come up.   It’s fun to pick a lake, pick a spot, and pick a lure and hook up with a nice fish or two.

The point here is that fishing with family, your kids or your mom or dad can be a real joy.  All of us often have points in our lives were we cannot be together.  Make it a point to fish with family.  Enjoy the time together that you might have missed in the past.

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