Warm Weather Fishing

Warm Weather Fishing
Sometimes you can keep cool in warm weather by wading in a local creek.

The last couple weeks of fishing was extremely difficult, and in a number of ways.

With the temperatures being in the 90s, coupled with stifling humidity, being outdoors has been miserable.  If you stayed in doors, it was a wise move.

This week some cooler weather came back to our area and I can imagine so many people wanting to get back out on the water.

Although the air temps are no longer in the 90’s or higher, during these dog days of summer, it’s still best that you limit your fishing to very early morning hours and at sundown and into the evening.

When it’s very hot outdoors, it’s so important that you to stay hydrated.

Sorry guys, beer and soda doesn’t work.  Drink water.  Better still, drink the powerades.  They’re much better for you under these conditions.

Ice melts down quickly in coolers when it’s hot like this.  What I like to do is use frozen bottles of water to chill my cooler.  Not only can you refreeze them, but they also provide you with extra liquid to drink.

If you put pre-chilled powerades or water in the cooler with frozen bottled water or ice, they’ll stay cooler longer.

Even if you use frozen water bottles, it’s still a good idea to bring some ice cubes, especially if you’re going to be fishing with live bait like minnows.

Never, put your minnow bucket into the lake or river thinking the bait needs fresh water.  The quick change of water temperature will kill your bait instantly.  Just add ice cubes or put a bottle of frozen water into the bait bucket to keep the water as cool as possible.

Many seasoned anglers will stay away from minnows at this time of year because they’re so fragile.  Leeches and worms are easier to maintain and keep alive.  But here too, keep them cool.  Save some space in the cooler for your bait.

Use a lot of caution when practicing catch and release.  Handle the fish a little as possible and get them back into the water with least delay.

With our lakes and rivers being so warm now, maybe it’s better to keep the fish you catch.  But please, don’t waste fish or target ones that you won’t keep.  Any fish that you’ll be taking home, put on ice right away.  Don’t put them on a stringer.  The warm water will just spoil them.

Far be it from me to promote not going fishing.  But when it’s this warm like this, maybe it’s better to stay home and spend some time in a cool basement re-spooling your reels, organizing the tackle box, or catching up on the outdoor TV shows.

In so many of the fishing reports that I’ve been getting, the air and lakes are cooler up north so consider a weekend trip up north to satisfy your fishing fix.


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